Daily Death Threat

Thanks man!

I tried mana potion after a co-worker bought a few at frys. Before trying it out I check out your site for any clues that it might actually be posion, but after reading your hillarious site, I concluded that this energy shot is indeed made by gamers for gamers. While I did exprience the nicen flush, that did not turn me off of the drink. In fact, after the flush and the boost I felt better then ever! lvl 29 here I come…

In fact I liked your product so much that I featured it on the fron page of my guilds website. http://nolifeguild.com

With the +160 mana boost I was able to fend off the evil servers in the datacenter instance, and the boss dropped some fat loots!

Thanks for making a great product!


About harcoslabs

Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder. www.harcoslabs.com
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