Is this guy cool or what?!

Mark followed our instructions and built a treadmill setup for his gaming and wrote his own script to control his character. We worked a little on ironing out the script and he sent us this email:

I made some recent adjustments to the setup, and now it works very well. The problem I ran into was with the Joytokey setup. The joystick I’m using is extremely sensitive, so when I would move to the left or the right, it would also move up or down slightly. This causes my character to stop moving. By not assigning a key to the up or down movement of the joystick I have solved the glitchyness problem. This is the most exercise I’ve gotten in a while… And it’s also fun.

10 hours! We were whining about 5 minutes!

The script is below:

// Mouse2 walking script by Dark Vamprism []

//Speed is under here
Var.ForwardAt = 10 //This may need to be a negative number.
Var.BackwardAt = -10 //added this incase you cant walk back as fast.

mouse2.SwallowMovement = true

var.Delta = delta(mouse2.DirectInputY)
debug = var.Delta

//link keys to variables
key.Y = var.moveForward
key.y = var.moveBackward

if Var.Delta > Var.ForwardAt
var.moveForward = true
elseif Var.Delta


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