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Impressive, Most Impressive

Eli was out wearing his Darth Vader shirt today, and lone behold, he ran into the Sith Lord himself (aka the crazy sign guy in Santa Monica). So of course we were like, “Hey! Photo op!” Well, we got back … Continue reading

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Barbarians Now Use Mana!

Or at least that was the case with 73 Barbarian Dusty Smith over at Dusty, who had reviewed our Health Energy Potion just a few weeks ago, gave our Mana Energy Potion a try with great results. Check out … Continue reading

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Get free stuff from Mana

Here’s a fun one for everyone. We want to give you guys some stuff for free. Go here and enter your information. We’ll send you an Inscription Pack. It’s basically some tattoos, stickers, and whatever else we fit in the … Continue reading

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Armageddon is Nigh!

We are excited to announce that we are now a sponsor for the Carolina Computer Gaming Association, supporting their 9th year in hosting LAN parties! We will be providing Mana and Health at the upcoming CCGA ARMAGEDDON LAN event in … Continue reading

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NYCC live

We got our real backdrop! Cool people are coming by already.

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New York ComicCon!

Our tradeshow backdrop came in late, so Jon and I made one out of cardboard. I think we have futures in the homeless arts. Come see the booth now that the real backdrop arrived at booth #1262. Try a taste … Continue reading

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