OMG My PC Crashed! I’m getting a Mac

Yeah, that’s my buddy on the right side of the picture.

Today marks the end of the glorious reign of my beloved Toshiba laptop. It served me well through years of computer science, my time in robotics, and recently in the creation of Mana Energy Potions. I don’t know why it served me well. I abused it: leaving it on a waterjet cutter in a stone cutting shop, dropping it out of my backpack, running 3 different development environments on it, and playing with low level hardware hooks when I got bored. It even has my finger print in burned pixels on the screen from where I caught it before it fell into a pool of water. I took it to the blazing hot desert for the RoboPult video for a proper exfoliation by the wind-whipped sands. It is dead. It’s mind fractured into a bunch of hardware error windows. It’s soul is lost (except for the copy of its soul I made on an external drive).

So I bought a MacBook Pro.

Before anyone calls turncoat on me, I have to point out that I’ve always owned Macs because of my music and video editing leanings, but I haven’t used one as my main computer since system 8. Also, my gaming rig is all Windows XP at its finest, hand built from parts off NewEgg, and will remain that way. I may even resurrect my beloved Toshiba as an office Counter Strike machine, although I suspect part of the RAM is bad in it which is causing delightful hardware errors of all sorts.

The first thing I did with my MacBook Pro was to download XCode and start hacking. What a grand adventure my new MacBook has ahead of it! I think I just saw it cower.


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