Nothing makes us feel better about being in California than the occasional rocking and rolling that the ground below us gives. Today in the office we had the privilege of feeling a 4.1, just a few days after having a 5.1 that several of us had felt at home.

Aaron, when asked about the rumbling, simply replied “I thought it was just a semi passing by.” Aaron had a similar experience a few weeks ago with not feeling the earthquake. “I was playing a racing game on the computer and I honestly thought it was the force feedback from the wheel that caused the shaking.”

While talking to Aaron, we started to hear someone hammering, and found that Tuan was preparing a raft in his office out of his shelves. He had already stocked it with food, ginger ale, and comic books. He shouted at us, “Forget you fools! I am gonna live through this one! Yeeeeeeeee!”


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