Top 20 "Retro" Games: Pt. 2

Last week, we posted the first 10 of 20 of our favorite “retro” (4th Gen Console and Earlier [Before SNES/Genesis]) video game titles.

So without further ado, lets continue!!

11. Contra – NES
12. Metal Slug – Neo Geo
13. Gauntlet – Atari
14. Pitfall – Atari 2600
15. Oregon Trail – Apple II
16. Wizard of Wor – C64
17. Centipede – Arcade
18. Choplifter – Apple II
19. Defender – Coleicovision
20. Boulderdash – C64

Thus completes our top 20 favorite video game titles (4th gen and earlier). We shared a few laughs, a few tears, and further established our nerdiness. 🙂

Now its time for us to hop back on our DK machine and work towards a kill screen.


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