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OMG. Blue Cures Paralysis?

Um…Have you seen this? Who would have thought that the Blue coloring used in M&Ms (and also in Mana) could possibly cure paralysis? Do you know what is probably evaluated by the FDA? None of this. But regardless, its pretty … Continue reading

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SpoCon 2009

Sci-Fi enthusiasts and Fantasy fanatics, rejoice! Mana Energy Potions will be present at SpoCon 2009 in Spokane, WA starting tomorrow. With some pretty awesome guests of honor and sweet events, it is sure to be a good time 🙂 Be … Continue reading

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SMBC Drinks Some Mana

James and Chason over at SMBC Theater gave Mana a try at San Diego Comic Con. The results made us forever fearful of James. You can also see our very own Jon B perform as a Blue (possibly Mana-infused?) Genie … Continue reading

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SDCC ’09: Mission Complete

We came, we saw, we conquered (and Jon got chainsawed by Gail over at Aksys Games). Mana Energy Potions made it down to San Diego Comic Con 2009 this year and gave out tons of swag, some Mana & Health, … Continue reading

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LWWFiaB Contest!!

Starting today (July 27th), Mana Energy Potions will be accepting submissions for its “Look What We Found in a Box” Contest! While sorting through some boxes, we had come across a Classic Football 2 hand-held game, and we thought we … Continue reading

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Comic con is teh insanity

Move much?

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"Not so sure…" – SDCC Live Blog

From Aaron: At the gwar concert, just played brutal legend and this boss is uh, brutal. Not so sure about this…

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