SDCC ’09: Mission Complete

We came, we saw, we conquered (and Jon got chainsawed by Gail over at Aksys Games).

Mana Energy Potions made it down to San Diego Comic Con 2009 this year and gave out tons of swag, some Mana & Health, and got to hang out with some pretty cool people.

Aaron and Eli had the privilege of watching Gwar in Concert, but Aaron was extremely disappointed that he didn’t get to see the Light Cycle from the new Tron…Extremely disappointed…

Fortunately, there are antique solutions for disappointment in nearby Seaport Village…

I got to go down there on Saturday, kind of meet Leonard Nimoy, walk through the sets of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and get some solid footage of first time testers of Mana:

Overall: SUCCESS. But Aaron still wants to see that Light Cycle…


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Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder.
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