AWOL LAN, Chronicles: The Convergence

Mana Energy Potions is excited to be sponsoring two events this upcoming weekend: AWOL LAN and Chronicles: The Convergence.

AWOL LAN is a super cool 24 hour LAN Event in Eau Claire, WI. Its attendees have the option of purchasing Survival Kit packages [served meals, exclusive swag, and hotel accomidations] something which I wish we had back when I would go to LAN parties years ago. A pulled pork dinner or a Reuben sandwich sounds way better than the half frozen Hot Pockets and semi-stale Doritos that were always by my side.

Chronicles: The Convergence is a 3-day gaming, sci-fi, anime, and fantasy convention in Wichita, Kansas. Special guests ranging from Voice actors to gaming elite will be present at the event, alongside plenty of neat events (The Red Shirt LARP event definitely got our interest)!

Check em out!


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One Response to AWOL LAN, Chronicles: The Convergence

  1. Shaun says:

    It's actually 36 hours, but no biggie.

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