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Level Up Your Fitness with Aion

In honor of today’s launch of the visually stunning MMO Aion, we decided to hook up a treadmill and some WiiMotes to our gaming PC so we could take flight both in the game and in real life. The result … Continue reading

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Retro Gaming Expo

Mana Energy Potions is sponsoring the Retro Gaming Expo happening in Portland, Oregon this Sunday! They will be doing a variety of console/cabinet tournaments, including the famous Nintendo World Championship cartridge challenge. Competition winners will receive free Mana and swag … Continue reading

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GamersRoute N’ Mana gave our Mana Energy Potion a try at PAX, and lets just say, it was love at first sip. They posted this awesome coverage on their website of their experience, and even stated how Mana could become their office’s … Continue reading

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PAX Magic

Look at that form! Aaron and Jon juggle some Mana for the crowds at their booth @ PAX. Aaron of course could hold his own. But Jon…well…He needs to work a bit on his multi-bottle juggling skills. Also, today is … Continue reading

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MEP @ PAX ’09

This past weekend, Aaron and I ventured up the great Northwest (Seattle to be exact) for Penny Arcade Expo. Harry from Aksys Games joined us at our booth and brought along with him some consoles loaded with BlazBlue and arcade … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Inked

Vernon Gibson posted this photo onto our Facebook page today that showcases some attendees at AWOL LAN (an event we sponsored in early August) who are all donning the extremely awesometastic Mana Energy Potion tattoo on their foreheads. (Don’t worry, … Continue reading

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