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Energy Potions Claim Victory!

Over at Site of the Gaming Dead, Christian Martin recently blogged about his “Great Gamer Energy Drink Experiment” where he tries a plethora of gamer-focused energy drinks/shots including Mana and Health Energy Potion. And who did he consider to be … Continue reading

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This holiday weekend, Mana Energy Potion is proud to be sponsoring NYCGaming’s Winter LAN. It is happening on Saturday, November 28th @ 270 East 10th Street in New York City. They plan on having a Counter Strike 2v2 and CoD … Continue reading

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Twilight Fans Love Blood

Around the world, Twilight fans have been lining up to see the latest motion picture installment, “New Moon”. In Cleveland, Ohio, FOX 8 caught up with some of the fans while they were in line. When the reporter asked one … Continue reading

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Weekend LAN Events

This weekend Mana Energy Potions is sponsoring two LAN events. Both events received Mana/Health Energy Potions to be given out as prizes. The first, The Frag N’ Tag Gaming LAN, is happening in Wayne City from 8pm-8am. It will be … Continue reading

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Blood Sampling Event

Jessica, one of our original Mana girls, travelled to Sante Fe Springs for a one night only sampling event. The overall reaction: People love the taste of Blood. I have to admit: We really enjoy saying that 😀 Check out … Continue reading

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Blood Energy Potion Photo Shoot

Before we launched, we knew we had to get some awesome photos of our new product. With the help of Star Foreman and model Jaimie Hilfiger, we took some rockin’ product photos with a twist. Here’s a little behind … Continue reading

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Tabletop Pwnage

Mana and Health have been utilized in over 100 role-playing games, some of which are popular tabletop games. Thomas T. sent us this photo of he and his friends in their epic role-playing den. To say the least, I am … Continue reading

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