The Most Painful Toy Hack Returns!

We first created the Most Painful Toy Hack Ever back in March (why did we do it? No idea…), and after many requests via email and comments on blog posts, we decided to modify it yet again!

Aaron modified the machine so that now the user had to keep full concentration to avoid getting shocked. We thought that since it was hard to relax with the machine in the first version that this one would prove easier. We were shocked with what we found out.

Check out the full video for the 2nd Mod here:

We also cut together a short video of all of the unfortunate souls great people who were willing to be hooked up to the machine 🙂 It’s titled “40 Shocks in 14 Seconds”:


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Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder.
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