PCB Productions and Harcos Labs Infect Comic Con

Director Keith Arem has joined forces with Harcos Labs to promote his new zombie graphic novel “Dead Speed” with Harcos Labs’ synthetic blood drink “Zombie Blood” at San Diego Comic Con. Arem’s PCB Productions and Harcos will be co-sponsoring several promotions during the convention, and will be hosting multiple Zombie events throughout the week.

“The partnership makes a lot of sense. Both properties focus around a cannibalistic post-apocalyptic world, the only difference is ours promotes eating zombies,” said Aaron Rasmussen, vice president of marketing at Harcos Labs. “Ours focuses on killing them” Arem added.

Throughout San Diego’s Downtown Gaslamp district and around the convention, infected Harcos zombie nurse’s will be handing out samples and special invites to the highly anticipated San Diego Zombie Walk.

As sponsors for the infamous event, Dead Speed and Harcos will be distributing collector messenger bags to the first 150 people who come in costume to the San Diego Zombie Walk. Each bag will contain Harcos’s new “Zombie Blood” Energy Potion, and Zombies who sport the bag for the entire walk will receive a coupon for a free copy of Arem’s new graphic novel Dead Speed at the PCB Productions booth (#4039).

Additional surprise events will happen Friday and Saturday during the day. Keep your eye out for zombies.

More information can be found at Harcos Labs “Zombies Are Delicious” facebook page.


About harcoslabs

Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder. www.harcoslabs.com
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