CHHS: Day 2, Health Energy Potion

It’s Day 2 of our Cold-Hearted Holiday Sweepstakes. We want to follow up yesterday’s giveaway of Mana with the product that came out next : Health Energy Potion.

Health Energy Potion was released in January of 2009. Being the perfect companion to our Mana, Health replenished non-casters with the additional HP they needed after the fight. The red potion packed a new flavor (Apple-Cinnamon) alongside Elderberry, Ginseng and the caffeine equivalent of two Red Bulls. You can read more about the Health Energy Potion over at

Today’s winner will receive a 2pk of Health Energy Potion, alongside some Health tattoos. To enter, just write a comment on this post that answers this question :

Jumping Jacks, Sit-Ups or Button Mashing? Which do you prefer doing for exercise?

Remember, you can only enter once per day, and we will accept entries until 6:00pm PST! (Full contest rules and regulations can be read here.)

Refill those Hit Points!

Also, congratulations to Miguel of New Mexico: Winner of CHHS Day 1! Wootzors!


About harcoslabs

Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder.
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70 Responses to CHHS: Day 2, Health Energy Potion

  1. Miguel says:

    Button Mashing!! Im low on Health Energy! I hope I win this! I really need it!

  2. Brady Morris says:

    Button mashing, fo-sho!

  3. What do I do for exercise?

    Well… besides the long bothersome trek each weekday to and from the boring realm occasionally plagued by negative aura that is my unfortunate place of employment, I often take part in epic battles in a nearby forest against a manxome foe (a.k.a. as common folks would call it, LARPing) in addition to trips for provisions (including picking up some Health Potions) and the usual daily pleasure of honing my puzzle-solving and dexterity skillz (or as you so call it, “button mashing”).

  4. Craig says:

    Button mashing! No time for the rest!

  5. Michelle says:

    Button smashing definitely…Especially if I really like smashing their buttons. 😉

  6. jyuichi says:

    button smashing? Though DDR should be on the list :-/

  7. Eveliina Pukero says:

    Button smashing, on PC and Nintendo DS.

  8. tris says:

    i prefer button mashing and sit ups have to get some exercise in there

  9. Col says:

    Button Mashing, because hand eye coordination will be key to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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