CHHS: Day 4, Blood Energy Potion

We feel like this week has gone by incredibly fast so far. We’re already onto Day 4 of the contest. Craaaaaaaazy!

So in honor of craziness, today we are celebrating our stroll into a new realm of sanity (or insanity) with the creation of the world’s first drinkable synthetic blood: Blood Energy Potion. Blood Energy Potion has similar color, consistency and nutritional content to real blood, but has a delicious fruit punch flavor. It has been a hit with vampires, blood donors, doctors and gamers around the world since its introduction in 2009. You can learn more about Blood Energy Potion at our website,

For today’s prize, we are offering a 2pk of our Blood Energy Potion to a lucky winner!

To enter, just write a comment on this post that answers this question :

What is your favorite vampire movie or book?

Remember, you can only enter once per day, and we will accept entries until 6:00pm PST! (Full contest rules and regulations can be read here.)

[ Congratulations to Cody K. from GA for being selected the winner of Day 2! 😀 ]


About harcoslabs

Makers of Mana/Health Energy Potion, Blood Energy Potion, Zombie Blood, and Nuclear Energy Powder.
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41 Responses to CHHS: Day 4, Blood Energy Potion

  1. Jennifer gersch says:


  2. Melanie says:

    My favorite vampire movie is the one that creeps me out the most…ever. Its Nosferatu from 1922. I just find it so completely unnerving.

  3. Cody says:

    I think my version of twilight is the best, its where they all do whatever gay stuff they do, but then at the climax they get nuked, just like in MW2 with the sound and everything!

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