About Us

Harcos Laboratories was formed in 2007 shortly after two geeks returned from a long, caffeine-fueled road trip. The co-founders worked together in the industrial robotics industry and found themselves chugging the same boring energy drinks in order to survive the long hours. Shipping from their web-store in January 2008, Mana Energy Potion is the first item the team brought from the virtual world into real life. Packaged in the same potion shaped alchemic bottle, the blue colored shot looked identical to the ones found in over 100 video game titles. After receiving national attention on television, news stories and all the top blogs for geeks, Mana Energy Potions grew from the company web-store and onto bigger e-tailers and retail outlets.

In January of 2009, Harcos Laboratories released Health Energy Potion, the perfect counterpart to Mana. Like the previous potion, Health retains its virtual authenticity with the color and bottle shape found in so many games. In October of 2009, the company delivered another first-to-market beverage with Blood Energy Potion. With the color, consistency and nutritional profile of actual blood, this caffeinated formula comes packaged in a pouch resembling an IV bag. Staying with the theme of bringing pop culture to life, Blood Energy Potion satiated all of the vampire fans with a delicious fruit punch flavor. After the company found its stride with innovative caffeine products, Nuclear Energy Powder was launched in February of 2010. This caffeinated candy powder is packaged in the same fun style that would be found in video games and movies.  In May of 2010, Harcos released Zombie Blood, the follow-up product to Blood Energy Potion.

Harcos Laboratories has many more exciting products in the works as they continue to bring innovation to consumable energy goods. Available nationwide, products from Harcos Laboratories can be found in Hot Topic, ThinkGeek.com, Fry’s Electronics, Micro Center, Transworld, Spencer Gifts, Hastings Entertainment, Tiger Direct and hundreds of independent gaming centers and comic book stores.


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